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Natalie is a certified Reiki Healer, Movement Artist and Photographer that uses her knowledge in energetics, somatic studies and performance art to bring support and presence to those seeking assistance with energetic stagnation, grief, blockages to expression and fear management. The element of Reiki accelerates the body's natural healing and Natalie utilizes her intuition to bring attention to negative patterns and present a personally crafted multi-sensory healing experience to each client. Her niche is to entwine empathic and photographic practices as healer and witness. Natalie's Intimate Portrait Healing Sessions are a creative bent on assisting a client to sit and move through their emotions, body and blockages.  All healing sessions, whether Reiki or Portrait, involve listening to physical, verbal and energetic insight from a client along with energetic communication through touch and proximity. Each session ends with gratitude and guidance for taking healing into one's own hands.  

Email with the subject title: HEALING SESSION for pricing and inquiries about REIKI, INTUITIVE OR INTIMATE PORTRAIT SESSIONS. 



"I felt cleansed. All of my egotistical needs for physical attention were released. I felt the source of my being on its own accord enough to not need the physical touch of someone I don't know very well. This lead me to no longer engage in hook ups. There was no longer a way that I could give the most powerful energy in our existence to a stranger. Working with Natalie and experiencing her reiki healing has connected me to the deeper source of my being."

 -Alphonso Horne, Musician NYC

"I'm so honored and grateful to have received reiki healing from Natalie Deryn Johnson. She is not only a healer, but an incredible artist, and it shows in her work. I saw beautiful images, and even felt like I was floating in a luxurious sea. The vibrations of her healing filled my essence. I loved her use of crystals as well. Days after our session, I still felt a sense of calm, and deeper love/appreciation for myself."

 - Malorie Bryant, Comedian NYC


"I have cherished the moment I shared with Natalie. I did not have any fixed expectation coming into space. And I appreciated Natalie for listening and reading into the situation based on what the space and our connection called for. The experience feels personalized for me. After warming up to each other, we documented what we shared through photographs. She took pictures of me while I was sharing my thoughts. I have always thought I feel comfortable being in front of camera. But I felt very naked and vulnerable for the first time in front of it. This moment stood out to me the most. Natalie and her eyes through camera captured a part of myself that I have never seen. That I thought I would reject. That I’m very judgmental towards. She showed me quickly the moment she captured before we parted. It feels strange for me to say this, but I looked beautiful, effortlessly. Thank you Natalie for capturing that side of me that I don’t usually see. We are strangers- but we were able to create a safe space for silence, for thoughts brewing and spilling out from each others’ mind, for awkwardness, for acceptance, and for a form of her crafts to capture humanity to do the rest and to complete the sentence our words cannot fully fill or grasp."

- Belinda Adam, Artist, NYC