Natalie Deryn Johnson

surrender to intuition and human connection


Natalie is a force of nature, one of those dancers who remind me of wild horses, unstoppable in their frenzy. Her style of movement is both quirky and unique.”
— Lois Greenfield, dance photographer
Shutterbug cover Natalie
A woman’s short, purple dress splays out in a poof. It’s one of those Marilyn Monroe moments when wind and woman meet, making for a lovely image of a fleeting moment. But in this photo of Natalie Deryn Johnson, her gown isn’t being blown tantalizingly upward. Johnson is a choreographer and dancer, and her dress is whipping around as a result of her stealthy movements.
— Maddie Crum, Culture Writer, The Huffington Post
Her honesty and willingness to be vulnerable, with her gestural and creature-like movements, sets her apart from other emerging artists.
— Cynthia Liu, Atwood Magazine
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