EARNEST, DARING BEING gives promise to the alchemy of humans in motion. 

It is my goal to own personal narrative, to move through and beyond stories.

This is an invitation of surrender to a greater capacity for compassion and connection, as performers and audience members.

The intention is to create encompassing experiences that consider ambiance of environment and the embodiment of consciousness in close proximity to an audience. Illuminating range of vulnerabilities, strength, spontaneity, and subtlety, the work is an empathetic and metaphoric journey revealing truths told with intimate and multidimensional storytelling methods. The integrity and scope of self put in motion, as implemented through performance and presence, is seen as a captivating impetus for social and internal change. Expanding compassion and illuminance is at the root of why and what I explore, with choreography germinating from movement languages based in contemporary dance, somatic and spiritual studies, jazz traditions and everyday gestures of connection and speech. It is a form of storytelling that takes a documentarian and metaphysical bent on theatrical traditions to not only jest at transformation and personhood, but present a structure for the unfolding of experiential transcendence and witnessing.


Natalie works on Solo and Collaborative Projects for film and live performance. The aim is to create a lens for the intimate, subtle, sensual and experiential. Through art we battle solitude to find communion and connection. Her body is one that exists between celebration and grief, dancer and lecturer, as if each performance was a healing socratic ceremony, an earnest presentation of what has been unsaid, forgotten or yet to be held. We can remember and bridge gaps together. 



This is the Poetics of Presence.