about the lady 


Natalie Deryn Johnson is a multi-media, improvisational dance artist and emerging voice over talent. Quirky, poetic and spirited, Natalie infuses intimacy and honesty into all she does . . . sometimes funny, always sincere. Her interests and stories are of the body between grief and celebration, with desire for expanding social compassion.

Based in New York City, Natalie collaborates with artists of various mediums. She moved to NYC to intern with Lois Greenfield, which lead to appearing in Greenfield's newest book, "Moving Still." Her photographic collaboration seen in this book have caught the attention of the New York Times and Huffington Post and the exhibition continues to travel the globe. Greenfield says she is “a force of nature, one of those dancers who reminds [her] of wild horses unstoppable in their frenzy.” 

Her most recent endeavor is a multi-media solo show "Patient History," a movement memoir commenting on invisible injuries, death and the celebration of the self through chronic illness. She is the latest member of Christina Noel and the Creature and a collaborator with REDLINE Productions. Natalie frequently generates movement for Brooklyn-based BAILE, experimental violist Jean-Ann Dara and other independent musicians. Natalie originated the role of Eve for playwright Albert A Garcia's Triptych throughout 2016 and is currently choreographing and performing in his newest work “Where The Sea Pours Into The Stars,” which has been staged at BAM and Dixon Place. 

On top of her performance pursuits, Natalie works as a portrait and action photographer. She has photographed for tie designer Josh Bach and shoe designer Modern Vice. Her stills of the Breton Follies have been featured in The Village Voice. She is the Director of Photography for Shrunken Shakespeare and a member of APA.

Natalie is currently presenting work under her own name and exploring the integration of poetics and presence into her performance practice. Her method is informed by dance, theater, Eastern energy modalities and daily happenings.

Natalie was a Regent Scholar, graduating Cum Laude with honors in Choreography at UCI. She has earned a Scholastic National Gold Key in Photography. To support her creative happenings, one can venture over to her novelty store whimsy(nest)® featuring tote bags and doodlebirds® greetings that celebrate small gesture of affection and female intelligence.