Here is what the people are saying!

Breton Tyner-Bryan

Director, Choreographer and Performer 

"Natalie Deryn Johnson is by far the best live shooter I have ever had the pleasure of working with and easily the best in New York City. She is able to constantly capture nuanced storytelling of any project by simply walking into a space and taking in the temperature of the performers and their work. From portraits to events, fashion, and live performances, she captures the true essence of her subjects while framing them authentically."


Holly Ledbetter - Yogi and Dancer

"Though a live performer by nature, put me behind a camera to capture something 'still' and I am stiff at best, terrified at worst. Not only did Natalie help me thaw into my natural self, her images captured what I feel is my spirit. The stills carried with them all the momentum, warmth, and ease of me in motion. Each session we have had together has not been about getting 'the shot' but has actually been a way for me to capture myself, to hold my body in confidence and take back ownership of my flesh and bones and soul because I feel truly seen - not by the lens, but by the blue eye behind it."

Short version:

"Better than therapy"


Hulda Jónsdóttir - Musician

"I first became familiar with Natalie’s work through a portrait series of hers in which the subjects were jazz musicians and a few of them happened to be friends of mine. I had been on the lookout for a photographer to take headshots and portraits since all of my previous ones were outdated. After seeing those jazz portraits I knew that Natalie would be the right person for the job - her pictures are full of life, color and character but also professional and poised. The photoshoot itself was a really fun experience as well - and I have never liked getting my pictures taken! Between walking around all over the Upper West Side on a humid summer day to hoisting myself and my violin up the fire escape of her building to get to the roof for some pretty epic backdrop, I forgot all about the fact that I was being photographed but instead it became an adventure and collaboration. There’s really no need to mention this, but the pictures turned out great and I’m sure I’ll be using them for years!"


Andrea Ward - Choreographer 

"Natalie brought me into such a serene headspace for the photos. She knew how to craft an environment and language facilitating to creative flow. She gave me guidance at the same time that she gave me freedom to follow my impulses. I recommend!"


LAJAMARTIN - Choreographers

"Natalie has a great ability to create a very fruitful environment that allows you the space to be free as she captures the most beautiful, fleeting moments of improvisation. She is very knowledgeable, able to direct and can craft a wide spread of looks in a short amount of time."